Your story is unique


Your love story is worth documenting. From meeting to dating to union and beyond.

Over the years, I have photographed many weddings and it never gets old for me. Every event is unique, just like the humans who are telling their story. I am a safe person. I stand for individuality, and for Christ, who loves all of His Creation. You are unique in every way and I want to document your love, no matter your gender or beliefs.

I know that picking a photographer is hard with so many good ones out there!

I believe you should find a photographer that fits your personalities

I am a chill, type B, personality. I photograph in-the-moment, I allow things to happen and really try to capture the true events; less staged and more in-the-now focused

You can relax knowing you’re in safe hands as your unique day unfolds

I will be there cheering you as you marry your soulmate

In the end, I want YOU to feel comfortable with your decision to hire me

Positive vibes all the way

Let’s capture your love story in a relaxed, genuine way, making your wedding day as unforgettable as your love.

Want to see some of my favorite photos of love?

Head to the button below to check out some of my favorite and unique moments from weddings, engagements, and just for fun couples sessions.

“To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.” – Mark Twain

Let’s create something amazing together!




starting at $2,000

This option gives you the ability to have me there for most of the essential moments. I find 6 hours to be a great number to capture a little bit of everything.

6 hours of coverage

at least 50 images/hr delivered

edited and delivered to your personal online gallery

Consult meeting and timeline help


starting at $3,000

My 8 hour package really takes advantage of more time and I find I am able to capture a touch of your getting ready photos on top of all the other essentials of the day.

8 hours of coverage

at least 50 images/hr delivered

edited and delivered to your personal online gallery

Consult meeting and timeline help



Add these items on to create the perfect package for your day!


I shoot most of my weddings solo but, by all means, if you wanted to make sure I can be in two places at once, I can hire a second with me!

FILM (video)

Think more like Dad-Cam footage, real and raw. A highlight of your day.


Nettie! I need more time with ya!


Into the 90’s aesthetic? Bring on those 90’s point & shoot 35mm vibes! I’m here for it!


Heck yeah! I LOVE to travel and can create a custom package that includes my travel fees! Message me HERE to inquire about my travel fees and packages!

Good question! I have found that some of my best work as a wedding photographer is when I can zone into my job completely and focus on you! So, yes, I work alone BUT I have a ton of amazing photogs that I can hire to help me out in capturing your day if you would like a second photographer. The main thing I insist on having a second photographer for is if you have completely separate getting ready locations where I need to be in two places at once, or if your absolute key moment is capturing both of your reactions at the very same time at the reveal or ceremony.

Honestly, I feel awkward as well. I am actually super camera-shy and it’s taken me years to learn to overcome this. Since I know exactly how you feel, I will direct you to some extent and see what you do as you relax into our session. I then work with your natural movements, how your hands fall when I ask you about what you guys love to do for fun, things like that. I get you to forget about the camera and BAM! your natural, beautiful, unique self comes out!

I sure do!

Yup! I did! I actually started out on my own first, and took on second shooting occasionally for the amazing SnowCreek Photo! Then, as the years progressed, I started shooting exclusively for SnowCreek and just kept up with my families and seniors. Now, I still second-shoot for SnowCreek but am not branching out on my own with my own weddings again!

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