Vegas Baby!!!

Vegas Trip

These photos are from our most recent trip in January of 2024. We were here for a conference for one our businesses.

We stayed at the very new FontaineBleau Las Vegas. It was an absolutely beautiful hotel situated on the very north end of the strip. I highly recommend this hotel. It’s absolutely stunning!

Las Vegas: where your wildest dreams meet neon lights and never-ending nights.

I think this quote is a perfect way to describe Vegas! I asked ChatGPT-4o to help me come up with a quote that embodies Las Vegas and it gave me this. I think it’s absolutely perfect!

I am not a casino and gambling person. It took me a few trips to Vegas to realize there is so much more than sitting at slot machines and such. Now, as a photographer, I beg the hubs anytime he has a convention there to take me with him so I can get my neon light fill! We walk up and down the entire strip – all the way to Fremont St – each trip and people watch, eat all the amazing food, and of course – get our neon light fix 🙂

Glitz & Glam

Fremont St

I love all the lights, neon, and performers of Fremont St. One of the best places to go in Vegas!


We have tried many restaurants over the years. There are a few that we make it a point of going back to every time.

Las Vegas

where every meal is a masterpiece and every cocktail tells a story.

THE Trip

Vegas photos





Since I travel to Vegas at least once a year, I would totally do a shoot there! Looking to elope? Spend a date weekend getaway? Attending a conference and want some fun headshots? Drop me a line!

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