Photography for the individuals, dreamers, and amazing humans of Michigan & beyond

Whether you are a senior in high school, an entrepreneur about to embark on your first business venture, a family who is ready to explore a fun location (or jet off to your bucket list vaca spot), a couple who is about so tie the knot, or maybe just wanting updated fun photos of you with the people you love. I am ready to meet you wherever you want and photograph you. I am a safe person and will happily photograph anyone. Cause love is love. šŸŒˆ


Let me introduce myself! My full name is Annette but I go by Nettie to my close friends, family, and clients. It’s so much easier for little ones to say “Nettie” than “Annette.”

My passion for photography has been with me for awhile, but I didn’t start taking photos professionally until about 10 years ago. I remember taking my little point & shoot film camera everywhere with me as a kid and teen. To sleepovers, to 6th grade camp, to band retreats, youth retreats and to summer camping adventures, My camera went everywhere with me! I couldn’t wait to pick that envelope full of colorful photos up at the local sam’s club, walmart, meijer, target, or in later years costco. Kids came, kids graduated, kids moved out, and I still have a passion for photography. My new hobby is travel and my camera still goes everywhere with me on my travels.

Photography is not just a hobby or even just a passion. It’s my entire life. my soul. I love it with all my heart and will never get tired of taking photos.

This is me. Nettie. Adventurer, lover, photographer, wife, mother, wanderer, creator, and human. totally and completely human. mistakes, flaws and all.



I am totally obsessed with taking senior photos right now! I love how each person is different, unique, and wants their own thing!

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Nashville Family Session

Nashville Family Session

I travel to Nashville at least a couple of times a year. On a recent trip to Nashville, I photographed this sweet family in Printer’s Alley. What an absolute blast in a freaking cool place! I definitely want to do more shoots here in Nashville!

Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park

Tucked into the red rocks of Nevada, there is an amazing state park that is bucket list worthy. About an hour’s drive from the strip, Valley of Fire State Park is waiting for you to come see it’s beauty.


Loving what you’re seeing? Want to know more? Drop me a line and I we can connect to create the best freakin’ photo session you have ever had!

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